Branding: The Name Game

In the past, my jobs have usually required me to wear a uniform, or if not, simply to look “nice.” I have never had a job that has required me to put effort into looking and dressing a certain way in order to maintain a prescribed brand image. I stumbled upon this article last week, conveniently at the same time that I was considering applying to my local Anthropologie store, and found it very intriguing. Luckily, Anthropologie is not on the list of employers who require photographs during the application process. However, I came to realise as I scoured my closet for interview clothes that were a perfect balance between professional and Anthro-esque, that it is more difficult, and more important, than I thought.

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One thought on “Branding: The Name Game

  1. What about this? A pest control team came to my house dressed in white shirts and thin black ties like from the 60’s. I said arent you hot? It was in the 80’s outsie where they were working. I would much prefer to have seen the men wearing a cotton open collared green shirt with their company logo rather than the 7th Day Adventist look. I think if they were comfortable maybe they would feel up to doing better work. Talk about not dressing for the occasion!

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