Taco Bell: “A” for Effort

Another interesting article I stumbled upon a few days ago.

This article had me reminiscing about Taco Bell’s most recent Super Bowl commercial.

I’m a fan of Taco Bell’s new “Live Mas” image. Are you?



UPDATE: One Day Later – “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

Just last night, I posted some updates on the Cheerios “Just Checking” commercial in my post “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” Today, I stumbled upon an article in AdWeek which shows Cheerios’s first commercial since this controversial spot in May along with some commentary on the Cheerios brand which I found interesting. It looks like comments on this video have not yet been disabled, though some commenters note the switch back to the stereotypical media portrayal of an all-white American family. One commenter shows frustration with the switch, saying, “So sad to see Cheerios fold to peer pressure… to appease hateful individuals. I guess its clear what target market is Cheerios aiming for.” Others appreciate advertisement for what it is: “Beautiful. Very touching.” Others still hold a grudge for the last commercial: “A European family having breakfast together such a beautiful thing. But the damage is done and irreversibly damaged your brand for ever. We never forgive and never forget.”

Will this commercial take Cheerios back to the down-low, as they prefer? Or will they continue to blow up our newsfeeds? Only time will tell.

Mixing it Up

Ever get tired of seeing advertisements for home and cleaning products targeted blatantly to women? Tide+Downy understands this frustration and catches everyone’s eye with this ad, especially that of underappreciated at-home fathers.

Shopping with a Flair

Or should I call it “bagvertising”? These shopping bags have all been designed to do more than hold your new goods. Some advertise products, some are walking public service announcements, but all are eye-catchers.

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In a similar manner, Feed SA upscales the project to a shopping cart. How would you feel stacking in your family’s groceries on top of a hungry child?


Breaking Down Boundaries

People have been trying hard for years to advertise to minorities. This effort, however, typically remains focused on minority races. On a rare occasion, we see an advertisement that takes this a little further, and pushes a more current controversial boundary.

Check out these television ads as well!