I just hurried over to Facebook to like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Why in such a rush, you may ask? Well, because I just had the most earth-shatteringly delicious batch of mac and cheese, of course. Actually, that isn’t true, although it sounds fantastic and that may be my next step. The real reason? This article. I’ve always loved Kraft, and their mac and cheese is pretty much a staple in my kitchen for when I’m feeling less than creative. Let’s surpass my swooning over these new delightful flavors, and get right to the point of the blog: advertising. This campaign covers¬†everything. From video and radio to social media, Kraft has it covered; it even has its own website¬†(a pretty cool one, I might add)! While the ads may seem a little cheesey (insert chuckle here), that’s entirely the point. They have even given it a name: “new-stalgic.” They have created a whole history for these brand new flavors so that their customers will feel a timeless connection to the new products just as they feel for the 75 year old brand.


Internet Explorer – Child of the 90s

Internet Explorer knew their target audience here, and they didn’t hesitate to reach out and grab us by the heartstrings. Way to go, IE, now I’m going to go buy a Tamagotchi for my dorm room.

Speaking of outdated brands attempting to make a comeback, have you seen the new Blackberry ads?

Even in twice the amount of time, I’m just not feeling it.