Philadelphia Artists

I ventured out to Philadelphia’s very own First Friday in Old City the other night and met some very inspiring local artists. Thought I’d give them a shout out here!


Social Media in Advertising

City Year Advertisement

I read an article in The New York Times the other day about “Ads that Speak the Language of Social Media.” In all honesty, I found most of the ads cited as trendy and relevant to be corny. Whether this is because these social media campaigns are developed through the voice of creative teams that are older and not as “fluent,” per say, in the language and nuances of social media, or because I am simply too picky, I cannot say. What it comes down to is that I, a part of the target audience, don’t find myself connecting to these ads.

However, not all hope is lost when it comes to social media related ads. Tonight at the subway station I saw this billboard for City Year, a nonprofit organization that supports the education of young urban students, that I found to be very effective. It shows a Corps member’s Tweet: “If kids who drop out are 8x more likely to end up in prison, do we open more prisons, or minds? #makebetterhappen.” I connect with this more subtle reference to social media much more than thumbs up signs and corny headings labeling a product as “your new must-have status update” (Sephora). Maybe it’s partly the heartfelt content, but I love this.

What do you think?