I was pretty surprised by this video (from this article today in Adweek), despite the fact that I knew what was happening.

What is your opinion of this so-called “prankvertising”?

Comment with your thoughts!

UPDATE 9/9/13: My teacher just shared this blog post regarding this advertisement, which discusses an entirely different concept as a possible followup to this advertisement or other “prankvertising” in general, which turns a simple viral video into inbound marketing and draws in even more potential customers.


Facebook Phone

“Facebook would like to be, literally and figuratively, as close to its users as its users are to their phones.” – Rebecca Lieb, analyst with the Altimeter Group

According to an article in today’s issue of The New York Times, Facebook will be releasing an Android-powered phone. As of now, details seem to be very hush-hush, but the intent is clear: Facebook wants to take over our lives. With a phone optimized for Facebook-usage, it is no doubt on the right track… But can Facebook compete with products from Apple and Google that are already Facebook-friendly?

Check out another article from AdWeek discussing the advertising implications. One quote describes the goal of the phone to be: “In the short term, a Facebook experience that is prominent and deeply integrated into the phone should help the company maintain a dominant leadership position in the social networking space.”